EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT! Come to Texas the most beautiful land in the world.If you want to escape your worries, want to go on an adventure or you just plain want to move to a exotic place.

Land Policy

I that first paragraph didn't make you want to move down to Texas this one sure will in Texas if you are a farmer you get 177 acres of beautiful rich land to grow your plants and cattle raisers don't think we forgot about you ,you get 4,428 acres of green lushes grass for your cows to eat.


Texas has all of your essentials like land that cost 12.5 cents per acre while the United States makes you pay $1.25 for your land

Requirements of colonists

Now all you people are surely thinking you want to move to Texas but before you do you need to hear the laws first to enjoy Texas number one you have to become a citizen of Mexico second you have to become Catholic third follow the laws and you can enjoy Texas.


AHHH Texas lushes green grass fertile soil that you can grow your veggies and fruits you can grow. the tempture is mild in the summer and cold in the winter the rain is mild