Let's Eat!

It's a McDonnell Family Thanksgiving!

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The Family Feast

Sunday, Oct. 11th, 4pm

11 McKenzie Street

Stratford, ON


(The following list is suggested based on popular past dishes. If you would like to bring something else, please do so!)

  • Mike & Rosie - Sliders & pie
  • Tim & Brenda - warm vegetable dish (creamy carrots?)
  • Kelli & Matt - mashed potatoes!!
  • Sean & Amy - salad
  • Dan & Tamara - turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce

(Parents - Can you please pass on this invite to your kids? I don't have their email addresses)

  • Con - dinner rolls
  • Meagan - a beautiful, healthy baby to coo over
  • Quinton & Sara - more dessert? (Brenda says you love to bake...)
  • Monica & Steven - Veggie plate & dip
  • Cullen & Lance - Want to try a recipe? Your family are perfect guinea pigs (we don't sue!)... Otherwise, there are always dishes to wash....

(Yes, you can bring dates... we can always use more hands on deck to help with clean up!)

...And any drinks you wish to drink!

(Dan & Tamara are planning on getting an 18-20lb turkey. If anyone would like to bring an additional meat dish, please let us know, but we hope this bird will feed us all.)


4:00 pm - Come on by! Expect that we will still be running around half dressed and sweaty from cleaning up the house in an ultimately fruitless mad panic effort to pretend we keep the house clean ALL the time (...like you never come by on a regular day!)

4:30 pm - Expect the first "official" bottle of wine to be cracked (because wine in the morning is just "grown up juice", right??)

5:00 pm - When most of you will probably arrive...

5:15 pm - Our kitchen counter overflowith! (Let us know if you will need outlets, warmers, oven space - we will plan ahead to accommodate!)

6:00 pm - Let's eat!

6:30 pm - Rest, gasp for breath and loosen belts before heading for more...

8:00 pm & on - visit, laugh, love - then roll home!

Hope to see you!

So we can anticipate numbers (and place settings), please RSVP by email: tkucheran@hotmail.com

or phone my cell: 519-275-4156

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