My Year In A Glance

Faith Elizabeth Rushing

About Me

I used to be extremely shy, i did not like to be around people often. I did not trust anyone at all. I love to sing and act on stage. I like to read and write on ocasions. My favorite subject in school would have to be...algebra or chemistry!! 

Dream Vacation

Well, i would love to go to Hawaii, because i have some family members there! My uncle Chris and my aunt Shalomn. They just had a baby boy;"Asher!" He is my first ever cousin!! It is very exciting! Anyways, yes they live in Hawaii, i have never been there and i would love to go! Even though, i am scared about the volcanoes!!!


Well, this year of high school was very important to me because i met so many new people and made lots of friends! Oh, how i will miss them so. This year, i learned that being myself truly is the key to true happiness! The mean teachers and students here built my confidence and accidently helped me reach towards going after my true dreams and goals!! HAHA!! The joke is on them, they tried to bring me down but instead it just made me rise higher! I feel like ANYTHING is possible and i can do ANYTHING as long as i set my mind to it! I am truly thankful for this year, i just wish it did not go by so fast.


Hello sophomores! I would like to give you some advice for YOUR sophomore year...well, here it goes. First off, the juniors and seniors will look down on you.Do not let them get to you! Just show them WHO YOU ARE, they might even like to hang around you. Who knows, you might even be best friends! Just be YOURSELF and you will be A--OKAY!! Second, you should really focus on your schoolwork! STAY AWAY from DRAMA!! You really do not need it! It just makes you have bad grades and lousy me. It is not healthy! Third, ASK QUESTIONS!! When you truly do not understand what the teacher is not just nod and say,"okay...whatever...what?...oh!I got this!...ummm..." Ask them to help you and they will help!! Fourth, Be Yourself!! You are probably never ever going to have to deal with any of those bullies or those poplar students that sit on the back of the school bus ever again! The right people will come find you as long as you are willing to let them!