T-Budding Method


  • Budsticks
  • Budding knife
  • Bark flaps
  • Budding rubber

1. Cutting the first bud

Clip leaf blades from the bud sticks but leave the petiole intact. This will act as the handle for holding the bud while it is being cut.
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2. Upward Cut

Cut the bud and a small sliver of the wood from the budstick using an upward slicing motion. Cut about 1/2 to 3/4 inch below the bud, deep enough so when the cut is finished, it should be 1/2 to 3/4 above the bud. A perpendicular cut from across the top of the cut will separate it from the bud stick.

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3. Downward Cut

Make a downward cut for the second cut to remove the bud. Do not remove too much of the underlying wood.

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4. T-Cut

Make a vertical cut on the stem. Make a t to form an inverted T bud.

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5. Prepare for bud shield

Slip the bark from the stem to expose a pocket where the bud shield can be placed.

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6. Insert bud shield

Slip the bud shield in between the bark flaps. Make sure it fits snuggly

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7. Add budding rubber

Hold the bark flaps with a budding rubber. This must be removed 2-3 weeks after the union has healed. Afterwards, the upper part of the rootstock can be cut away for the bud to grow.

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