Basketball Recruiter

Mateo Connolly Clase 5 Spanish

Job Description

Description: Basketball recruiters go out to places all over the world because they try to find the best talent. Basketball recruiters need to know many different languages because there are basketball players from all over the world. Basketball recruiters go mainly to basketball hotspots of Spain and France for international recruits.

Travel: As a baketball recruiter, you travel spontaneously as breakout stars are found. Basketball recruiters have no specific destination, so a wide range of languages is helpful.

Advantages: Basketball Recruiters get to know their team, they get to see the players they recruit grow into superstars, they gets tickets to all the games, and they can travel with the team.

Disadvantages:There is a lot of traveling and a lack of sleep could be a problem. If the player does not become a star, it becomes your fault.

Career Path

Education: You need a degree in Sports Management, but Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Administration are also preferable. Some of the best Sports Marketing colleges are Northwestern, Oregon, Saint Mary's, Michigan, and Syracuse. A great skill to have for a basketball recruiter is a detailed knowledge of the game. It is helpful to know the potential of players and certain problems.

Salary: A starting basketball recruiter earns about $28,000 a year, bit an experienced basketball recruiter can earn up to $60,000.