February Updates

Mrs. Gurwitt's Class

A big thank you!

The hardest part of being a teacher: missing school. It is so hard to miss valuable class time and honestly, it is hard to be away from the kids!

I missed several days in a row because of sickness and an iPad convention downtown. I returned to school, not sure what I was coming back to. Your kids were beyond amazing! I got rave reviews from all teachers they came in contact with! (Not always common when the teacher is gone) They got all their work done with an exceptional attitude. I was so amazed by the young adults you have raised. It made me so proud to see how well they handled themselves. Well done kids and well done parents!

Lunch Across this Wednesday!

The students have earned a reward! We are having a full class lunch across the street this Wednesday. Please send them with cash or a sack lunch. Email me if you want to join us.

What a wonderful day at the Symphony!

Enjoy next week off!