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March 14 - 18, 2016

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Congratulations, Celebrations and Gratitudes

Thanks to those K - 2 classes that made posters for the hallway for the PARCC tests. They are inspiring and thoughtful.

Congratulations to the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who are taking their time on the PARCC tests and taking them seriously and thoughtfully.

Thanks Jonathan and Jennifer for getting us up and started on PARCC testing this week. We've had very few issues or glitches. Thanks to the teachers who took time to prepare their students.

Thank you to Brenda Hand and other staff members for assisting with the PARCC Breakfasts this week.

Thank you to the Social Committee for arranging activities and events that lift our school spirits and provide opportunities for our school culture and climate to grow among our students and our staff members.

Thanks to the SPRRAK team for continuing this important program and finding ways to link it to the upcoming Day with No Hate.

Dress up Day - Friday, March 18th

On Friday, Students will be encouraged to dress up like the professional/career they desire to be when they grow up. The newspaper will be here to interview students and take pictures. Please remind and encourage your students to participate.

Friday Collab Time - Friday, March 18

For 5th, 1st and 2nd

You will be meeting at admin with your facilitator and instructional coach to continue working on Scope & Sequence Work.

For 2nd, 3rd & 4th

You will be meeting here at the school for opportunities to work with your grade level. Please send a short email to Sarah about what was accomplished during collab time before you leave on Friday.

For Counselors and LIt Coor.

Meet with your district level team if needed or available.

For PE, Music and Art Teachers

See email from Elementary principals sent on Wednesday, from Jill Hafey. You will be meeting at admin meeting.

Staff Meeting Change

Due to a conflict with New Teacher Induction and a need to meet for budget reasons in a timely manner, we will move our staff meeting to next Tuesday, March 22nd at 3:40 pm. This meeting was originally scheduled for the following Monday. At this staff meeting, you will have an opportunity to provide input into budget priorities. If you are not able to make it to this meeting, please let me know so that you can provide your budget input in a different manner. I apologize for the short notice of change of date.

If you cannot make it to this meeting and would like to contribute input for the budget, you can attend a meeting at 7:20 am the following day, Wednesday, March 23rd in the art room.


PARCC testing is around the corner and slated to begin March 14th. Due to creative thinking, we will only have 7 full days of testing. We will have several other days of make-ups, but be able to experience a much shorter testing window.

Breakfast will continue to be served to all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders on all 7 testing days on the window.

The computer lab will not be open or available to other grade levels for approximately 3 weeks, until such time that all make-ups test are completed. Jonathan will send an email to everyone when it is ready to receive grade levels at their regular computer lab time.

Library services will be suspended until PARCC testing is over. Please plan appropriately for your classes to NOT visit the library. 2nd Step/Friendship Skills classes with Wendy will continue as planned. Plan on no library services for the next 3 weeks, but if testing is completed ahead of time, then we will only suspend for 2 weeks. Jonathan will let us know.

Believe Kids Fundraising Began on Wednesday

Grade level teachers, don't forget to collect or ask for coupons everyday and send them to the office for the daily drawing at 3:10 pm. The more enthusiastic you are about collecting the coupons, the more they will come in and the more students will sell items. Starting Thursday, March 17th, daily drawings will occur at the end of the day at 3:10 pm for special prizes and privileges. Pass out fox charms and a lanyard when students bring in their first coupon and then a new charm of their choice for every coupon after that.

Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day - Thurs, March 24th

The social committee has established a variety of appreciation days for those educators and support staff members that help our students and staff be successful. Our first recognition will be next Thursday, March 24th. We will send doughnuts and coffee to the Maintenance department that morning. A card will be in the staff lounge for staff to sign next week. Please take a moment to sign the card and express your appreciate for these guys that help keep things going in our very old building. They often come with only a moments-notice and are a very small crew of six who maintain all buildings and do all snow and ice removal for the entire district.

What's Happening Next Week

  • Zack Allen and Sarah doing walk throughs together - Mon, March 21st @ 1:00 pm
  • Leadership Team Meeting - Mon, March 21st @ 3:40 pm
  • CST Team Meeting
  • Staff Meeting - Tues, March 22nd @ 3:40 pm
  • Parent iPad Night - Tues, March 22nd @ CMS at 6:00 pm
  • Make Up Staff Meeting (Budget Input) - Wed, March 23rd @ 7:20 am in art room
  • Budget Stakeholder Meeting @ Clarion Inn - Wed, March 23rd @ 6:00 PM
  • Maintenance Appreciation Day - Thurs, March 24th
  • School Board Work Session (3:00 pm) and Regular Session (6:30 pm) @ Admin Building - Thurs, March 24th
  • Biometric Health Screenings @ East (WElness PRogram) - Fri, March 25th 6:30 am - 7:30 am (Sign up for an appointment)
  • CoPlanning in Literacy or Math with Tiffany and/or Kristin - Fri, March 25th
  • District Collab for 2nd, 3rd, 4th @ Admin Building at 2:35 pm - Fri, March 25th
  • Building Collab for Kindergarten, 1st & 5th and some departments/specials - Fri, March 25th

What's Happening Next Month?

  • Spring Break: April 4 - 8
  • Staff Splatz Paint Party
  • CMAS Science Testing for 5th Grade - 3 days
  • CMAS Social Studies Field Testing Assessment for 4th Grade - 1 day
  • PAC Meeting
  • Social Committee Meeting
  • Leadership Team Meeting
  • Staff Meeting
  • Day of No Hate
  • Axis Steele Recycling Fundraiser
  • Food Service Worker Appreciation Day

East's Vision for Our Students

Vision Statement: Students will be able to transfer their learning by applying knowledge, understanding and skills to real world situations by accessing higher order thinking.

Splatz Painting Party - Saturday, April 16th

The Social committee has organized a Splatz Painting Party Saturday, April 16th at the Center of Craig at 10:00 am. Come and try out your creativity, have some fun painting, enjoy lunch and time away from kids. Babysitting and lunch will be provided at no cost. Painting will be provided at half the cost ($15.00). Please email Jen if you would like to participate, and let her know if you need babysitting provided.

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