Selena Saucedo Period 10

My Career

Business Accounts have many responsibilities. They check to see if business firms and individuals are keeping good records and paying their taxes on time, others keep track of expenses, revenues, and incomes of a business, as well as other financial responsibilities. Public Accountants audit, tax, and consult with clients such as businesses or individuals.

Education Needed

  • Most Accountants have, at minimum, a Bachelor's Degree.
  • I plan to attend NIU for my major because they are ranked 9th in the country for Accounting.

Skills Required

  1. Active Listening
  2. Mathematics
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Complex Problem Solving
  6. Negotiation
  7. Time Management
  8. Learning Strategies
  9. Persuasive
  10. Compromise

Job Outlook/ Growth

Median Pay (As of May 2010): $61,690 per year

Job Outlook: 16% - about average

By 2018 it should be 19%.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

You may have the opportunity to become a CFO.

CFO- (Chief Financial Officer) senior manager who is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an entire company.