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Is Hydrogen Renewable?

Hydrogen can be renewable if you use a renewable energy source( like solar, wind, ect,) to power the electrolysis process to separate the hydrogen atoms in water molecules.

Where is hydrogen found on earth?

Hydrogen is found in the earths atmosphere. It's actually the most abundant element in the universe, making up 75% of all matter. The largest application of hydrogen is in the production of fossil fuels.
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How does hydrogen produce energy for individuals?

Liquid hydrogen is the gas that NASA uses to powers there space shuttle and propels it into space. Hydrogen fuel cells powered the electrical system, producing pure water, which the crew used as drinking water.

What are some other uses for hydrogen?

Hydrogen can be used for jet and rocket fuel, and in refinement of coal-based fuel.

Who uses hydrogen?

People use hydrogen for cars, NASA uses hydrogen for there space shuttles, the military uses hydroygen to power there aquitment and vehicles.
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Is hydroygen ezpensive?

Hydrogen expense depends on the cost of the inputs. It can range from as little as $0.38US to $6.00US per pound.
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