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ELMS Weekly Message 1.17.2021

Good evening, Falcon Families! This is Mrs. Myers with your ELMS Weekly Message. Top of the message is reminding all of our families that there is no school tomorrow in honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday.

Face to Face Attendance This Week:

  • Cohort A will attend Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Cohort B will attend Thursday & Friday
  • Next week, Wednesday will be a Cohort B day since it is a full week.
  • Wednesdays will continue to alternate between Cohort A & Cohort B on a regular week. See the calendar on this message or on our webpage for a complete listing.

Report Cards:

  • Report cards will go home this week with face to face students. Remote only students who would like to pick up a paper copy of their report card should call the front office.

  • Last week marked a fresh start for all students and the start of a new semester. Please keep in mind, students must demonstrate progress in grade level curriculum in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Please reach out to a teacher or guidance counselor if you have concerns.

Live Instruction:

  • Thank you for all your patience with last week's introduction to LIVE instruction! We were very pleased with the level of student attendance and will continue to reach out to students we are not seeing to better understand your challenges. Please reach out to us if you are experiencing a lot of difficulty.

  • All students should be logging into their classes following the same bell schedule if they were face to face. The bell schedule can be found in every single Google Classroom as well as on our website and the weekly ELMS newsletter. (Bell Schedule)

  • Links to Live Instruction can be found in the Google Classroom banner for each class when using a laptop device. On a phone or tablet, you will need to click the "camera" icon in the upper right hand corner.

  • The Meet links may not work until the teacher has activated the live classroom on their side so you may need to wait a few minutes and try more than once. Live instruction could appear delayed if your house clocks do not match our school clocks or there is a delay within the building.

  • If you have internet issues and keep getting kicked off, please try turning off your camera in order to save bandwidth. We may also be able to help with a district hotspot if that does not resolve the issue.

  • Students not contributing positively to the live classroom or those not making good choices will be removed from the classroom. Either the teacher or an administrator will make follow-up with an adult, and school consequences could apply.

  • Visit the ELMS Synchronous Learning Section of our website to access the daily instruction schedule, a video on how to read PowerSchool schedules, and the cohort Wednesday schedule.

Attendance this Week:

  • Reminder that there is no virtual homebase login at this time. Students are counted presently remotely if they log into live instruction or make contact with their teachers regarding challenges preventing them from doing so and by completing the independent assignments.

  • F2F students will be counted absent if they are not physically present in the building on their assigned day. However, they may still access live instruction and remote assignments to keep current with academic work. Normal procedures for absence notes to the homebase teacher/office do apply in order for the absence to be excused.

  • Students on a Covid quarantine will be counted present remotely, but the school nurse and/or the front office must be notified so that safe return dates can be documented.

Five Day a Week Applications:

  • We will continue notifying additional 5 day a week applications this week. If you have not heard from us, you will receive a letter or phone call by January 25th.

  • Thank you for understanding that we cannot approve all applications due to social distancing issues but will maintain a wait list as spots open up.

  • If you have a school device but do not need it now that you are five days a week, PLEASE let us know so that we can reallocate where needed. Once the district devices arrive, you will receive another one but we have families that need it now for remote learning.

Covid Report

  • Two individuals have tested positive at ELMS since our last report on Friday. However, due to the date of their last attendance before the holiday break, there is no impact on student and staff wellness.

  • If your student or anyone in your house is currently positive for Covid-19 or has been exposed to anyone positive for Covid-19, please email Mrs. Myers at hmyers@lincoln.k12.nc.us to review when your students can safely return to school.

  • Students should NOT attend school face to face if anyone in the household is being tested or is not feeling well with COVID symptoms.

  • Notify the teacher of your absence from "face to face" instruction and attend live instruction if you are able.

How to Move Full Remote:

  • If for any reason your family needs to move to full remote for 2nd semester, please send a written request to Mrs. Myers @ hmyers@lincoln.k12.nc.us.

  • Students who are full remote will remain full remote through 2nd semester unless the Governor and/or School Board make changes or if social distancing space is available upon request to return to face to face.

Thank you! Next week will look different and present some challenges, but just like 1st semester, we will work together to support students. I continue to be blessed to be part of the ELMS staff and community.

Heather Myers


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Previous Reminders (But Still Relevant!):

Previous Reminders (but still relevant):

  • 7th Graders -- If we do not have your updated immunizations as required for the 7th grade, we will be reaching out to you individually. Please make sure you get that documentation in as soon as possible before we are required to exclude you from Face to Face school. If you have any questions about what is required, please call the school and request a call-back from the school nurse.

  • Buses: Please note that students may not ride home on a bus with anyone or to a location other than their regular stop at their house.

  • WiFi: Free WiFi is available in the school parking lot next to the 8th grade wing for families that need it.

Helpful Links:

Thank you for being a part of ELMS & Lincoln County Schools. Flexibility. Patience. Grace. Three essential words for this back to school year!

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Click here to join the ELMS PTO, contact the PTO Board members, or find more information on how you can volunteer and get involved!

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