Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

Steps on how to help you make better decisions

Step 1- Define the Decision

The first step in DECIDE is D, which stands for Define the decision. I’m at Remke with $5, wanting to buy some pop. The decision that I’m going to make is between Dr. Pepper and Sprite. I want to choose two of my favorite soda’s that I haven’t had in a while and thought that I should use the decision making model to help!

Step 2- Estimating My Resources

The second step in DECIDE is E, which stands for Estimate Resources Available. My resources available are my $5 I have with me. I could get a 21 ounce Dr. Pepper for $3.99 or a 16 ounce Sprite for $2.99.

Step 3- Consider the Alternatives

The third step in DECIDE is C, which stands for Consider the alternatives. I could get the Sprite or the Dr. Pepper. Another option is to get neither. I could also get a different kind of pop.

Step 4- Information Gathering

The forth step in DECIDE is I, which stands for Information gather. Dr. Pepper is bigger and better, but it costs more and is worse for your body health. Sprite is smaller, costs less, and is not as bad for your health.

Step 5 and 6- Decide and Evaluate the Decision

The fifth step in DECIDE is D, which stands for Decide. I will choose Sprite. The sixth step in DECIDE is E, which stands for Evaluate the decision. Sprite is still really good, better for your health, smaller, cheaper, and I’ll come home with $2 in change. I think I made a good decision.