how the federal court system was born

How it all beings

One day, there were a president name, George Washington. Washington set up a meeting to make another court and that court named is, The Federal Court System. The people that came to the meeting was pleased about the name, but they wanted to know how the federal court system work.

"How did the federal court system work?" Said the people

"Good question my American people." Said Washington. 1st we have to have a better understanding what FEDERAL COURT means.Federal court means: a court of a federal government, especially one established under the constitution of the United States. Another court named is, district court that mean that the federal courts where trials and held law suit are begun. Court of Appeals is when the federal court that review decisions made in the district court.

"Tell me more bout it!" Said the people

Washington continue on with his talk in the meeting. The lady raise her hand to asked the president a question. The lady asked, "what does or do you mean Appellate Jurisdiction?" George answer the question very politely for her. "The authority to hear a case appealed from a lower court that, what Appellate jurisdiction mean." Said the president.

Washington explain bout the original jurisdiction

Washington explain what does the original jurisdiction means. it mean, when the authority to hear a case for the 1st time. The people looked at their president, and started shaking their head like they agree with what President Washington said.

"How about the U.S Marshall?" Said Washington's wife

He explain that the U.S Marshall makes arrests, collect fines, take convicted people to prison. Also, protect jurors, keeps order in court, and serves subpoenas. Because of this they protect us from any harm or attack from the other countries or criminal.

What bout the U.S attorney? Said his son.

"The U.S attorney is only used for when the government's lawyer who prosecute people accused of breaking the federal law" Said the President.W. "Why?" His wife said. Washington said, "Because if the person broke the federal law the government's lawyer have the right to accused the person that broke the law in the 1st place when they not supposed to.

"Can we have an opinion?' Said his lovely aunt.

"Yes they can have a opinion. Their opinion is to explain the legal thinking behind the court's decision in the case. Because of that they can decided how to deal with the case depends on what kind of case it is." Said Washington.

President Washington asked, "anyone know what does life terms mean?"

The people looked at him with a confusing look and shook their head no. President.W. explain what its mean. "It mean, when someone can hold office for as long as they would like". Said the president. So the people look at him and say, "Oh, Wow!"

"Let moved on to magistrate judges", said the president

"Magistrate judges is when they decided whether accused people should be held in jail or released on bail. they do the judge's routine work and hear the preliminary". Said the president's Vice president.

" I love the word, precedent" Said Washington.

"Precedent is model for other judges to follow in marking their own decision on similar cases. Its help them picture something bigger." Said the president. But his wife added more. She said, "We can also have precedent too it just not for the judges or government it for the people too."

Last but not least, remand and circuit.

Washington told his people what remand means. "Remand, is when they send the case back to the lower court to be tried again. Circuit, is when geographic area of U.S court of Appeals." Said Washington
That the the Federal court system comes together.