NIS News - November 15, 2021

Nantucket Intermediate School

Grateful for Our NIS Community!

Dear NIS Families,

November is often a month of reflection and gratitude when we slow down and pause after a very busy summer and fall. Here at school, we are still quite busy, but also more reflective about the learning experiences provided thus far. We look forward to engaging with our families and community members during STEAM Night and Community Reader Day this week and next. Ultimately, we are so grateful for our students, staff, families and community because together we can provide rich, meaningful, and impactful learning experiences where all feel seen, heard, valued and respected. Thank you for everything you do to contribute to this NPS vision and our Nantucked Intermediate School community!

Please join us tomorrow evening for our NIS STEAM night! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and our teachers have some fun activities planned for you. Families are welcome from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at anytime within that window. While you're here, please ask your child to introduce you to our new STEAM special's teacher Ms. Melissa Christo. She would love to meet you! (See flyer below)

Next week will be Thanksgiving week with NO SCHOOL Nov. 24 - Nov. 26th. We return to school on Nov. 29th, following the holiday break, for a full week of school. Wishing you some time to relax with and enjoy family and friends.

Grateful for your partnership,

Evemarie McNeil, Principal

Donna Johnson, Assistant Principal

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NIS STEAM Night this Tuesday, Nov. 16th!

No Student Drop Off on Surfside Road

Unfortunately, some students have been dropped off for school on Surfside Road and this is very dangerous for those students. Please adhere to the NIS drop off protocols and use the Backus Lane entrance to drop off your students at school. Thank you!

Vaccine News

Hello NIS Families,

Finally the Pfizer vaccine was approved for children 5-12 years old. The CDC states that the vaccine is safe and effective for your students. During the summer the Delta variant hit that age group hard. The number of hospitalizations nationwide was fivefold in a 6 week period during the summer. Getting the vaccine will help to minimize covid symptoms, decrease hospitalizations for your students, and help to stop the spread of covid. Nantucket Cottage Hospital is offering vaccine clinics on Mondays from 2-5 pm. You can make an appointment by using this link Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Here is the CDC link for more information on the vaccine.

CDC vaccine for 5-12 year olds

Stay healthy,

Nancy Small, RN

NIS School Nurse

Previously Shared Information Below

Protocols for School COVID Testing

Dear NIS Families,

We are fortunate enough to be participating in the Test and Stay program which allows school close contacts to test daily (5-7 days) with the BinaxNow test (rapid covid antigen test) and stay in school with a negative test result and be asymptomatic. Students who are deemed close contacts to a positive case outside of the school setting, cannot participate in this program. They must use the protocols set by the Department of Education and the Department of Public Health. The reasoning for this is that school close contacts are less likely to become positive because of masking, social distancing and hand washing. We can control the school environment.

We are also participating in Symptomatic testing. This is another way to keep the students in school. So if your student comes to my office with a covid symptom and I have your signed consent, then I can use the BinaxNow test to help rule out covid.

There are links below for the protocols and close contacts.

My main objective is to keep my students safe, healthy, and in school. If you have not handed in the consent to test, please do so. Please reach out if you have further questions.

Protocol for Testing

Close Contact Flow Chart

Stay healthy,

Nancy Small, RN

NIS School Nurse

Dept. of Education COVID-19 Flowchart Protocols (linked below)

Brrr....Cool Weather is Here

Fall is in the air! Please have students dress appropriately for outdoor PE, Recess, and dismissal. Reminder: There are no Boys and Girls Club buses this school year no matter what the weather.

Bus News - Wait List Information

Things seem to be getting a little better as we move forward, but we know we are not okay yet with our bus transportation.

If your child still needs bus transportation, please email Ms. Emily Murphy and your child will be put on the bus waitlist. Once we hear anything we will be in contact with you. Here is Emily's email:

Children are only permitted to ride the bus if their address is 1.5 miles or more away from the school.

No Birthday Food Treats Please

At NIS students are NOT ALLOWED to bring in food items to celebrate their birthday with their class. This was instituted pre-COVID due to the number of children with food allergies and due to our responsibility with promoting healthy bodies. You wouldn't believe the number of cupcakes that would come into the school each year!

We would like to encourage you to donate a birthday book to your child's classroom library in honor of their birthday. Other acceptable ideas include bringing in a special pencil or decal for everyone in the class if that's preferred.

Thank you for not sending your child to school with food items for the class to celebrate their birthday.

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NPS Vision, Mission and Core Values

NPS Vision Draft

We commit to provide equitable, inclusive, and challenging learning experiences where every student and adult feels seen, heard, valued, and respected.

NPS Mission Draft

Nantucket Public Schools, in partnership with a caring community, will create a dynamic and equitable learning environment which engages each of us to be inspired learners and responsible citizens, prepared to meet local and global challenges.

NPS Core Values Draft

Nantucket Public Schools values collaboration, communication, and reflection that supports:

  • Equitable access to multiple pathways for individual and collective success.

  • High expectations and a student-centered educational approach that integrates academic progress, extra-curricular participation, personal responsibility, and community involvement.

  • Inclusive and sustained family relationships that respect all cultures and the experiences each child brings to our schools.

  • Challenging ourselves to embrace and advocate for the needs of every student, adult, and family within our school community.

NPS Return to School Safety Protocols - updated 8/18/21