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Writing is Cool!!!!!!! (song for kids about the basics of beginning writing)

T-Table, Core 4 Topic Sentences, Transitions/Main Ideas, Details/Tell me more Sentences, Conclusion

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To plan for your writing... Organization

Core 4 Topic Sentences

  1. Declarative-Success can be easily achieved in school.
  2. Sentence/Stance-Because school is a students job, it's important to strive for excellence
  3. Number- Students should follow 3 main guidelines in school
  4. Question- What should a student do to be successful in school?

Transitions/Main Ideas

Main ideas are the 3 different topic you will write about or mention in paragraph.

Transition words are words to start a new main idea.- Another, First, Although, and Equally important

Details/Tell me more sentences

Details are the extra thoughts or ideas that explain more about the main idea.

Conclusion Sentences

Concluding Sentences are what end the paragraph and make the reader want to read more.