Sweet For Us, Sour For Them

The use of child labor in Hershy's sweets

Sweet For Us, Sour For Them

Hershey's chocolate companies have been exploiting children to do their dirty work for them. Have you ever wondered where your chocolate came from. The truth is a cocoa field in the Ivory Coast. Children work long hours in the heat doing dangerous jobs to get you the sweet taste of chocolate. How is it fair that the CEO of Hershey's makes 8 million dollars a year, and children in Ghana make nothing except their own pain. Hershey said they were going to try to stop using child labor by 2020, but until then these children get to suffer? Hershey needs to stop using children, and start using people who actually need jobs. Hershey's is one of the last companies who aren't even trying to stop child labor. These children are forced to do continued harden work that their bodies aren't prepared for, and if they don't they get beat. So one more time I ask you, if we get to eat these sweets, why do they have to suffer to make them.

A Sour Life Making Sweets

There was this boy named Aly. He was tricked into slavery by a cocoa farmer who promised him a bicycle and 150$ a year. When he got to the farm he was 4 feet tall, and had to carry bags of cocoa beans that were taller then him. Every time he fell he was beat. He lived in a 20 by 24 feet hut with 19 other boys. One boy finally escaped, and returned with the local authorities to free the other boys. When the authorities arrived they found a boy lying on the floor sick and beat. They medically treated all of the boys and returned to their homes.

Map of where most of the worlds cocoa beans comes from

What Hershey's Is Made From

What does this Mean

Some companies are using children for their work. This cannot keep going on. A plan for action could be to switch to fair trade chocolate which a lot of companies are using. Also we could write letters with our disapproval to Hershey. Another idea would be to help spread the word so the people of the world know so that everyone is aware of these crimes. If everyone knows then these companies are pressured to switch to fair trade which would get fair wages for these children. The easiest would be just to write a letter to your favorite companies to applaud them or scold them about their decisions. Spreading the word would help also because the more people who know the more people who can help stop child labor.


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