Colombians Immigrants

By: Kela & Sean

Welcome To The Untied States !!!

Although Colombian immigrants are relative newcomers to the United States, their numbers began increasing greatly during the last decades of the twentieth century. By 2008, Colombians were the largest South American immigrant group in the United States, accounting for 30 percent of all South Americans in the country and 2.65 percent of all documented immigrants.
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Why Did They Come ?

Violence and political disorder in Colombia have made increasing numbers of Colombians and others to leave their own home and to live in other countries. Most came to the US also to work and to have a better lifestyle than they did back home.
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How did they get here ?

Colombians can travel on boats or they came through Mexico to get to the United States. If they have valid passports than they can travel by plane. If they travel with a pet then the flight will take twice the time to get situated than it would to travel by yourself to the United States.
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Crime in Colombia

After the long 50 year war, Colombia is starting to settle down but during the war laws weren't being held as strict as they should have been. Illegal drug laws are very active there because of illegal drug trade all over Colombia but a higher problem they have to deal with is bribery and corruption. Also the fears of being robbed or mugged is high from people walking on the streets. 60% of people said they would prefer to walk in daylight and only 25% said they would feel safe walking at night when asked. But the thing Colombians are less worried about is being attacked because of their race or their beliefs with 87% saying it wouldn't happen.
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Where Colombians Settled and How They Made a Living

Most Colombians who came to the United States arrived in Miami, Florida. By 1987, Colombians were the fastest growing Hispanic groups in Miami. In 1991, 43,891 Colombian immigrants were admitted to the United States because they didn't want to be included in the war going on. Between 1992 and 1997, guerrilla activity increased in Colombia and over 75,000 Colombians came to America, most moving to California and other states on the west coast. Americans did not treat these immigrants with kindness, saying they were stealing jobs and not paying taxes like everyone else
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