An event for new students at Vandeventer

What is "BELONG"?

"BELONG" is for new students recently enrolled at Vandeventer Middle School. The purpose of this event is to help new students get involved at VMS.

Ideas from the Campus Climate Committee:

  • Host a breakfast and/or afternoon activity with icebreakers, pizza
  • Invite a student representative from each VMS club to share their experiences and info on the club they represent
  • Have broadcast/Mrs. Hicks create a video about the "Life of a Vandeventer Viking", show video during "BELONG"
  • Invite coach Oldham to talk to students, motivational speaker
  • Campus Climate Committee students give "BELONG" students a tour of the school
  • Be consistent, sincere and not forced
  • Band or orchestra play as students are walking in
  • Invite choir and theatre throughout the year
  • Involve STUCO and/or NJHS students, count towards their hours