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Week of May 14, 2018

How will you change the world by sharing & supporting your opinion?

Lesson Plans DUE

Monday, May 14th, 8am

Bullock School

Rowan PDS Meeting

Monday, May 14th, 3-4pm

Rowan Room

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News & Notes

Budget Updates: The office will order dry erase markers for the 2018-19 school year.

To the 3rd Grade Team: My coaching block is during your lunch block this week. Anyone want to review Strategies for Writers, co-teach a lesson or just "chat & chew" about this week's edition of the Curriculum Corner? If so, lets get it on the calendar!

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Heather and Miss K-Thank you for your support through a difficult week! Love you guys!!!
  • Thank you to all the PARCC test administrators and proctors for doing an amazing job during our second week of testing!
  • Nicole L. and Mel – all of your help getting ready for PARCC and during PARCC has been awesome! Thank you both so much!
  • Nicole W. – do you want to be my assistant counselor? Thanks for all your help with a student issue!
  • Thanks Heather for an awesome field trip!
  • Thank you Alisa, Heather and Robyn for helping my sub when I was out! Simone
  • Alisa-Thank you for everything and being so much fun to work with!
  • Toni-You are awesome and love working with you this year!
  • Robyn-Thank you for everything you do and share! You are amazing!!!!!
  • First grade-thank you for making each day a great one!
  • Joan and Carol-Thank you for all you do each and every day!
  • Thank you for the demonstration of appreciation this week.
  • Second Grade Team you rock!!
  • Thanks Theresa for all you do including sharing your stuff and for being awesome to work with!

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 05/01: PARCC Testing Begins (5/1-5/11) & K-6 PBS Meeting
  • 05/04: Bullock Garden B-day Celebration
  • 05/11: CAST Meetings
  • 05/30: CAST Meetings & Character ED Assembly
  • 05/31: Faculty Meeting & ELA & Math Family Night
  • 06/01: Star Student Luncheon

Happy Birthday!

  • Deneen Molloy - 5/3
  • Rona Johnson - 5/2
  • Missy Tees - 5/5
  • Aileen Castro - 5/6
  • Andrea Dalfonso - 5/7
  • Brian Johnson - 5/16
  • Beth Grygo - 5/20

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