A Nation Wide Sport

Basketball Basics

Basketball is a very interesting game to play. It requires balance, strength and skill. It doesn't matter if you are tall or short because no matter what, you can still play. There are five positions to play as. If you are smaller you will most likely play position one or two. If you are about average sized you will most likely be a three but, if you are taller than average you will most likely be a four or five.

Famous Basketball Players On Game Day

Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of game winning comes from a lot of practice. Some of the practice drills are hard or easy. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, some people are weak on their free throws and some people are weak on their passing and so on. To help that, their coaches put on different drills each practice, but if the whole team is weak on something the coaches may work on that almost half the practice. That is how practicing will conclude to winning games.

Preparation for a Game and Game Time

First you eat a meal or energy bar 30 minutes before a game. Then you put on your uniform(if you need one). Next you stretch and warm up(Stretches, laps,ect.). THen the reff will throw the ball up. Next a player from each team will do a jump ball. Finaly, you will start the game and start playing.