4HA Weekly News

October 25th 2013

Dear parents

What a week! So much has happened this week, it is hard to know where to begin! Korea Week was a huge success, and we really enjoyed watching performances and taking part in special events such as crafts and Hanbok day activities. Thank you to the parents who came into school and supported us. A special mention must go to Lizzy, Colin, Zander, Tyler and Temin, whose performances at the talent show were incredible! I was so proud of all of you, and completely amazed by your talents!

Our Studies

Language Arts

In writing last week, we practiced developing the middle of our writing, summarized from non-fiction reading, and all of the children completed an extended piece of writing. For this they could choose to write about one of three topics, or to suggest their own topic to write about. Their interests guided them and they produced some great work! Next week, we will practice writing endings and conclusion. Additionally, we will start to look more carefully at word choice, and the impact this makes on our writing.

Our aim to get guided reading officially off the ground was a little ambitious, with all of the Korea Week events happening! However, groups were set up, and the children worked together in their group to produce a document about their reading interests and habits. They then looked for where these interests overlapped and identified shared preferences. From next week, they will take part in structured guided reading activities.


One of the highlights of this week was welcoming Dr. Yeap from Singapore into our classroom. He is a very highly regarded specialist and did some wonderful work with the children. He worked with them on multiplication of large numbers, and set them some exciting challenges. We have also studied multiplying by multiples of ten this week.

Next week, we will continue with multiplication, and begin relating this to division. I know that many children find division challenging, so we are going to give this unit plenty of time to develop and consolidate our understanding.


The children were all really interested to learn about heredity, traits and genes this week in science. We had some great discussions, and read from our science books. As our Organisms unit comes to an end next week, we will study animal adaptation and habitats.

Notes and reminders

On Monday 28th October (next Monday) we will have our picture day. Photos can be ordered using the form sent home with children a couple of weeks ago.

Next Wednesday will be our class health screening day. Please make sure children wear their glasses or contact lenses on this day.

As we are using the laptops more and more, the need for earphones has arisen. In order to make use of various educational websites and audio books, children need to bring in a pair of earphones that they can use for such tasks. Please allow your child to bring a pair to school next week.

We are currently still using homework notebooks, but we are going to begin relying more heavily on Edmodo for homework communication. Please encourage your child to check Edmodo every night.

Prince George Award

After being so close a couple of times, Andrew Evans managed to win the Prince George Award this week. He is often mentioned by our class leaders as one of the most well behaved when walking around school, and his effort in class has been really impressive this week. Well done Andrew!