Pediatric Physician

By: Megan Watters

Nature of the job

Pediatricians examine children to diagnose and treat illnesses. They examine a childs medical past, prescribe treatments, and take part on diagnostic tests. They also counsel children on how to stay healthy and avoid illnesses.


They work in personal offices and clinics for children. They work along with other pediatricians, and administrative and healthcare personnel.

How do you become a Pediatrician?

To become a Pediatric Physician you will need your Doctoral or Professional degree. And will have to complete a Internship or Residency program. This will require four years of undergraduate school, four years of medicial school, and often three to eight years of an internship.


A Pediatrician makes an average of 100,000 to 200,000 dollars a year. Averagly the yearly salery is 171,000 a year and 40 dollars an hour.

Job Outlook

The employment of Physicians is predicted to grow fast in the next upcoming years, about 18%. This will happen due to expansion of healthcare industries.

Similar Occupations

Some similar jobs are pediatric nurses, and pediatricians that work in speciatlies for diseases. Many may work in hospitals other than clinics.