By Megan Parsons

What is the period of rotation in Earth days?

0.14 (9.8 Earth Hours)
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What is the average distance from the sun?

778,412,020 km

What is the period of revolution in Earth years?

Jupiter's Red Spot Explained

How many moons, and what are some of the moons names?

Approximately 67 moons, some moons are; Lo, Kale, Europa, Leda, Metis, Herse
Jupiter: The Largest Planet

What is Jupiter made of?

Hydrogen Gas and Helium Gas

Jupiter's temperatures

An average of -234 degrees Fahrenheit or -145 degrees Celsius.

What is the location in relation to the sun?

Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.
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5 Interesting facts about Jupiter

1) Jupiter has about 4 known faint rings

2) Jupiter is the 4th brightest object in the Solar System

3) Jupiter has the shortest days out of all the planets

4) 8 spacecrafts have visited Jupiter

5) Jupiter's moon Ganymede is the largest moon in the Solar System

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