rules for parents

By Simar

Rule #1

Be careful what you post on social media (Facebook,Twitter) it can't easily be deleted, and you can be blackmailed for what you have done.
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Rule #2

Do not click on unknown links you can download a p.u.p or a r.a.t and could get hacked.
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If you have been threatened or blackmailed people like Darren Laur (the white hatter) can help you.

Rule #4

Black hatters are like creepers of the internet.

Rule #5

If you have a social network do not and friends that you have not met in reality do not add them,because black hatters go for people that have more than 150 friends.
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Rule #6

Do not give your password to anyone they could post some bad photos of you and then change your password so you can not take it down.
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rule #7

Always have your location services of for your iPhone,iPod touch,iPad,Android,BlackBerry etc. Someone can use a app or software to enable your address.
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rule #8

If you put to much info on your social network account some body could steal you identity and open bank accounts and get loans.When you go to the bank they will give you a large amount of money you owe the bank.
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rule #9

Putting inappropriate photos can effect for chances of getting a job because the person who is hiring you will put your name in Google search. and something inappropriate comes up he is likely not to hire you.

Rule #10

Do not text and drive it can cost you your life.