Marie Curie

Read about the most amazing scientist ever


Marie Curie was a famous scientist.She was born in Poland in 1867.Marie had three sisters and one brother.Both of Marie's parents were both school teachers.
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early life

Marie moved to Paris,France in 1891.She studied math and physics.Marie was the best student in her class.In 1895 Marie married a scientist named Pierre Curie.Marie and Pierre worked together in a lab in Paris.
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lifes work

In 1898 Marie and Pierre discovered Radium.Doctors found Radium helpful for treating cancer.In 1903 Marie and Pierre won the nobel prize in physics for their work with Radium
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Later years

Pierre died in 1906.Marie continued working in the lab.In 1911 she won the nobel prize in chemistry.she was the first person to win two nobel prizes. Marie founded the radium institute in 1914.
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Marie curie died in 1934.People remember her as a great scientist.Today scientists at the radium institute continue her work today.