Advantages and Disadvantages

Star Formation


-when you use it, no hacks can be made because it always passes through the server.

-better performance.

-easy to detect faults.

-no disruptions to network when adding or removing devices.


-it is very depending on the centre hub.

-if the server is slow, it will cause the entire network to be slow.

Ring Formation


-can send data through different computers.

-its faster and everything passes by the server.

-cheapest to set up because the computers are all close to each other.

-very orderly network.


-moving, adding or changing devices can affect the network.

-more difficult to set up than the Star Formation.

Mesh Formation


-even if one component fails, there is always a backup.

-expansion and modification in topology can be done without disrupting other nodes.


-overall cost of this network is way too high as compared to other network topologies.

-set-up and maintenance of this topology is very difficult.

Bus Formation


-easy to connect a computer.

-requires less cable length than Star Topology.

-it works well for small networks.


-entire network shuts down if there is a problem with the main cable.

-difficult to find the problem if the entire network shuts down.

-it is slow when more devices are added to the network.

Tree Formation


-expansion of Network is possible and easy.

-error detection and correction is easy.

-if one segment is damaged, other segments are not affected.


-as more and more nodes and segments are added, the maintenance becomes difficult.

-because of its basic structure, tree topology, relies heavily on the main bus cable, if it breaks whole network is crippled.