Population reaches 10 billion people.

Population reaches 10 billion, real quick.

With our population reaching 10 billion, we face many problems. 10 billion many worry on how they will survive, feeling that the population "tapped out" a long time ago. We ask how will we live now, well that's a good question. Our population will reach its carrying capacity and then level off, but I will go ipmore in depth.

Pictures showing population problems


The main problems we face is mainly just scarcity in all areas for all resources. With drought in areas, it's becomes a struggle in agriculture and to plant crops, harmful to wildlife and their habitat, poor soil which leads to erosion, wildfires, and finally loss of human life. Another thing is lack of space for everyone. 10 billion people are hard to fit in a limited amount of space, so this means people are going to have to move into less developed areas or make room. But making room could be harmful to the enviorment. Referring back to less developed areas, if people live in less developed these people are living in poverty and in harsh conditions.

After affects on population

Looking after the point of 10 billion people and the problems which is that people will eventually not have a way to continue a healthy life style and will eventually die. But in a positive way of those people dying because we reached a carrying capacity, our population will level out and becomes more stable and actually available to live in. So it is sad to see the elders and unfortunate people to die. But the fact we wouldn't have enough resources and our carrying capacity was reached, our population levels back out and we can then live agin in a normal life style.
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After effects on others

During the times of over population, we would notice our resources and animals change and possibly become extinct. We using the animals resources for out own could cause the, to become extinct, and if we use all of our resources, once we balance back out we would have to quickly come back with resources also. Those aren't the only things that change, also our climate. Our climate would indeed change due to pollution and global warming so in the long run after the climate changes how could we live in such a harsh climate? So we see animals, habitats, resources, and climate change in the after math also.