Some of best feature in Africa

4 Africa feature

Ethiopian Highlands

This place is a range of mountains that are cut by deep valley. They are located in the western section of the Ethiopian plateau. Fringed by the Sudan lowlands. Their were probably early volcanic origin. They are such a really cool feature that you should visit the Ethiopian.

Nile River

Nile River is a river were the Egyption use to grow there crops. This river is 4,160 miles long that is pretty long i am right. That makes this river the longest river in the world. Here are some Africa's country like Egypt,Sudan, and Ethiopian. This is also a important hydroelectric power source. That is why you should go and visit the Nile river.

Great rift valley

The Great rift Valley is a amazing place. It is a Geological fault system. The valley is 1,300 feet below sea level that is far. Cliffs that are several thousand feet steep. That sounds like a very cool place.

Atlantic ocean

Atlantic ocean is very pretty ocean with its ocean life. The Atlantic ocean is the second largest ocean in the world. The Atlantic ocean goes from the freezing Antarctic regions to the suez canal. The mediterranean sea and the Gulf of Gunia are two of the principle arms. That is the Atlantic ocean.