Personal Hygeine

for boys

cleaning a penis

Gently wash the penis with warm water each day when you're having a shower or bath. If you have foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath.

If you don't wash underneath the foreskin correctly, a substance called smegma may begin to gather.

Smegma is a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist. It's found on the head of the penis and under the foreskin.

If smegma builds up in the foreskin, it can start to smell, stopping you easily pulling your foreskin back and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause redness and swelling of the head of your penis.


Deodorants get rid of the odor of sweat by covering it up, and antiperspirants actually stop or dry up perspiration. There's no specific age at which they can start using it, but they should read the directions. Some work better if they're used at night, whereas others recommend application in the morning.


male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the mens penis In a typical procedure, the foreskin is opened and then separated from the glans after inspection. A circumcision device is placed,(if used) and then the foreskin is removed. Topical or locally injected anesthetic may be used to reduce pain. The procedure is most often chosen for religious reasons or personal preferences.but may be indicated for health reasons. It is a treatment option chronic UTI .It is contraindicated in cases of certain genital structure abnormalities or poor general health.

summary of homework

3 main points

  • deodorant

  • clealiness

  • circumcision

During puberty it is important to clean yourself.

Although do not clean yourself to much.

Otherwise you may get severe acne