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Technology Integration Newsletter-April 14, 2015

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Google Play for Education Store

I am so excited about this tool! Please take a moment over the next week to browse the resources provided here. You will be asked to login using your school account.

So what is it? Google Play for Education is separate from the Google Play store you may have heard of if you have an Android device. It solves two key problems that teachers usually have when looking for new resources:

      1. It can be difficult to find quality tools for teachers

      2. If you do find a tool, it can be difficult to get it out to your students

If you see an app, video or book with a yellow "EDU" badge, that means that it has been rated and vetted by CUE group, which is a group of "Computer-Using Educators" that promote responsible technology use in education.

Google Play for Education was built SPECIFICALLY for teachers. What will you find there?

  1. Chrome Apps
  2. Videos
  3. Books

See below for more information about each resource. To access the store, click the "Google Play for Education Store" button below and login. I recommend bookmarking the site once you are there, so that you may access it often!

Google Play for Education: Chrome Apps

These are perfect for use with the Chromebooks, with your Chrome browser on your teacher computer for classroom sharing, or with your students in the computer lab by using the Chrome browser.

There are several Chrome Apps for everything from content creation, computer science for younger students, etc. Give it a peek and I have little doubt that you will find something that works for you!

You can search for apps by grade level, content area, or educational tool you are looking to use (like a photo-editing or video creation app.) You can also search by intended use.

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Google Play for Education: Videos

The videos available on this site include:

  • Fun with Algebra
  • Dissecting Biology
  • How the Earth Works
  • English Language Arts: Educator Recommended Videos
  • Mathematics: Educator Recommended Videos

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Google Play for Education: Books

This part of the site has several free Public Domain books that are available for you to use or send to your students free of charge! These books are device agnostic, meaning they work with almost any device that has internet. The books are assigned through Google Apps, meaning that you could send a book to your student's Google account for them to read. Students can then read books on their Chrome browser, or on a personal device or phone using the free Kindle app. The best part is, if they make highlights or notations in their digital text, they carry over from device to device! They can also download the book to a device so that it is viewable offline as well.

There are several other book options that can be found here with rental rates that are set by the publisher. These are also available for use, although you would need to get approval and fill out a purchase order before moving forward with a purchase.

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Google for Education Essential Resources Guide

This handy 2-page guide has a wealth of information for you. It contains tutorials on Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Google Apps, Best Practices, Google Play for Education, Google Scholar, and in-depth hands-on training resources. Check it out!

Digital Starter Kit

This digital starter kit created by Richland School District Two is a GREAT point to start for integrating more technology into your classroom. It contains app or site suggestions based on the skill you would like your student to have, such as brainstorming, collaboration, exit tickets, feedback, assessment, content creation and more.

Bulldog Bash Technology Presentation

Not able to attend the Bulldog Bash? I have linked my presentation below. Feel free to check it out. Through the presentation, I attempted to inform our community about the fact that technology is an important part of education due to the impact it will have on our students as adults. Their future careers may not even exist yet, but we as teachers seek to prepare our students for those careers through the skills we teach--everything from problem solving and critical thinking to effective communication and an ability to collaborate. By the end of the night, we had raised over $7,000 towards the purchase of a new Chromebook cart! This will allow our existing technology budget to focus on more iPads in the elementary.

Request a Technology Integration Session Here!

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April 14, 2015: Google Play for Education: Chrome Apps, Videos and Books, Google For Education Essential Resources Guide, Digital Starter Kit, Bulldog Bash Presentation