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Singapore Web Development

SEO Singapore : The Importance Of Sitemap Site

What is a sitemap site? A sitemap site is a site which consists of links, pointing to every single page of your websites. With regards to web development singapore, this particular sitemap page is vital. It will facilitate crawling by search engine spiders, to ensure spiders can follow the backlinks on your sitemap site to all one other pages on your own website.

On this sitemap page, you have to include every one of the links to the other pages of your respective website. In case your website does not have many pages, it will be good for you to write a shorter keyword-rich description to every of the url, so as to increase your overall key phrase density.

So after you have developed this sitemap site, what to do up coming? One very important thing you will want to do is usually to place the url to your sitemap web page on the footer of every page. Yes, EVERY PAGE! This way, no matter which page the spider lands on, it'll be able to find your sitemap web site, and in turn follow the links onto it to all one other pages of one's website.

As soon as your sitemap page is being created, yet another thing that you need to perform is to perform manual submission of your sitemap web site to Yahoo, Yahoo! along with MSN. Abandon the other search engines like google, as just these Several really matter. By doing this, you might be telling the various search engines to list your sitemap web site first and also from there, your spider can follow the links to all the opposite pages.

I realize that there are websites that offer to be able to submit your website to all the major search engines on the Internet for a nominal charge. I personally don't recommend that, as it is simply not necessary. By simply submitting your current sitemap page to be able to Google, Google! and Live messenger, the spiders from the other search engines will see you ultimately.

For coming of sitemap page, other than for Search engine marketing purposes, in addition, it gives your website visitors a specific bird-eyed view of your site. From one look, your visitors know all the webpages of your website, and can quickly navigate to each of the webpages from the sitemap web page itself.

At any rate, sitemap page is certainly a important web site of a productive website. By simply creating the idea now, sooner or later you will be able to be able to leverage on this page and get all of the search engine crawlers busy indexing all the web pages of your site. In this case, your main goal to achieve great organic search rankings is not a far-fetched desire anymore.