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Spanish 2

Hi Everyone and welcome to Spanish 2 online. Our course starts on Monday 6/15, but is available now to work in.

I have your son or daughter in Spanish 2 online this summer. The course is a quick 8 week session. Students should work at least 3 hours a day. Some students choose to work more one day and have a day off. That is perfectly fine. The goal is that all assignments are completed by the weekly Friday due at 1155 pm.

Below is what is due on Friday 6/19 at 1155 pm.
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Required Live Class (RLC)

During the course students should attend a total of 6 RLC's.

  • Getting Started
  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2/3
  • Unit 4/5
  • Unit 6/7
  • Unit 8/Final Exam

The sessions last about an hour. There is an assignment in the course that they need to complete. Attendance is taken and the student needs to attend for the whole session. During the first week students need to attend two sessions. They will attend the getting started and unit 1 the first week. After that they only need to attend one session every two weeks. Students can attend more sessions though if they would like.

The first week schedule of RLC's is listed below.

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