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May 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, May 20 ~ Spring Fling Grandparents are invited to come hear some of our spring program songs in the sanctuary at 3:30PM, plant a flower with us in our garden, and then explore Agape grounds together! Remember donation dinners are available to take home as well, whether you are a grandparent or not!
  • Wednesday, May 25 ~ Preschool Program Practice @ 9:30AM.
  • Thursday, May 26 ~ Preschool Program & Graduation @ 6PM Please drop off your child by 5:45PM in the Preschool Room so we can enter the sanctuary together. This program is for all the preschoolers! We are so excited that we can all take part this year!
  • Monday, May 29 ~ Memorial Day, Agape closed.
  • Tuesday, May 30 ~ Enrolled School Age Children assigned to their summer classroom

"We Love the Earth Our Home"

This month both the Rose Room and Butterfly Room have been learning about caring for the environment around us: our classrooms, our playground, our garden, ...our earth. Children help clean up litter after a busy weekend at the ball diamonds, move mulch to keep us safe under our playground equipment, help maintain our bird feeders and observe the birds that are attracted to the feeders, start and plant seeds and learn about the needs of plants. The picture at the left shows children bringing compost from their classroom to the compost bin. Children also have the opportunity to help with recycling. This means lots of wonderful time enjoying being outside whether in the playground, in the woods, traveling along the fence rows, or in our garden.

Sun hats are becoming more and more important. Not only do they help shade our eyes and faces from the sun, but they can help keep ticks away from necks and hair. We check for ticks whenever we return from nature play, but you can help at home by double checking as you prepare for bed each night.

Also, if you haven't already, we ask that you send in a bottle of organic or sensitive skin type spray sunscreen to shared with the group. As you can imagine getting almost 30 young children who are ready to play protected with sunscreen in a streamlined manner can be a challenge. Thanks for your help!

Moms Truly Are Priceless!

We are so thankful to have been able to again invite parents to see in person a peek at all of the beautiful work that your children are doing each and every day at Agape. It was such a joy for the children to show off all of their independence at setting spots and serving muffins to their Moms, not to mention modeling all the grace and courtesy that they have been practicing all year long!

Think About It

Every day our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts. And our thoughts have power! It's so easy to think differently than how God wants us to think. In this series, we are busy learning that through an everyday relationship with Jesus, God can change the way we think. He wants to help us catch, check, and change our thoughts! We'll see how thinking the right thoughts (and the wrong ones too) bring blessings or consequences through the lives of Bible People such as Paul, Miriam, Samson, and Abigail. Our memory verse is from Romans 12:2 "Let your way of thinking be completely changed."
I Can Think | Preschool Worship Song

Positive Discipline Tool Card of the Month: Eye to Eye

We don't get the help of on call nannies or have a royal budget, but there is at least one thing that we can emulate from Prince William and Kate . They get down to child level and look at them eye to eye. Not only does getting eye to eye help children listen better and grow connections... it's completely free!
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