Latin American Leaders

Pedro I of Brazil and Jose Morelos of Mexico

Jose Maria Morelos- Leader of Mexican Independence

Jose Morelos was born in Mexico on September 30, 1765 and died December 22, 1815. He controlled most of southern Mexico in 1812-1815 and sent a declaration for independence to the Congress of Chilpancigo, approved in October 1814. Morelos was a creole, most against Spanish rule were. Morelos helped in the independence of Mexico through many major war victories, being one of the leaders of the Mexican War of Independence, and was known as a "military genius" for defeating the Spanish army which had outnumbered him anyway. Today, Morelos and Morelia are places named after him, His face is also printed on coins and bills.
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Dom Pedro I- Leader of Brazilian Independence

Dom Pedro I was born in Portugal on October 12, 1798 and died September 24, 1834. Pedro was a peninsular on their social status because he's European and where he was born. Pedro was crowned emperor of Brazil because he issued independence for Brazil. He always surrounded himself with ministers who talked a lot about independence, contributing to Pedro's knowledge on Brazil independence. Pedro didn't want to be linked with Portugal because Portugal's ruler wanted economic benefits for them but restrictions for Brazil. Pedro was labeled as a rebel by Portugal because of his disobedience, resulting in Portugal's military to attempt to arrest Pedro. Pedro used his own military and defeated all armies loyal to Portugal. Pedro helped in the independence of Brazil by finding Brazil, defeating Portugal armies, and declaring independence on September 7, 1822. Pedro is remembered today as the discoverer of Brazil.
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