Ancient Greece

By: Jace Staab


This is my report on Ancient Greece. On the first paragraph it will tell about the beginning of Ancient Greece. On the second paragraph it tells about slavery in Ancient Greece. On the third paragraph it will tell about The daily life in the age of pericles. Then there is the conclusion and then the reference telling were I got the information.

The beginning of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece started in the 1900 to 1600 BC. People who lived in Ancient Greece lived in cities and big palaces. Archean invaded Ancient Greece and then Dorians invaded 3 or 4 centuries later. Ancient Greece didn't go by the bible. Ancient Greece believed in gods and goddesses.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Many people that lived in Ancient Greece were slaves. When cities were conquered inhabitants were sold as slaves. Two-thirds of Ancient Greece were slaves that were sold after a city was conquered. Most family's were split up and worked for most of the day. Some slaves were payed to work and others worked all day not getting anything.

Daily life in the age of Pericles

Buildings in a city are made out of adobe. In the houses there were no chimneys just holes in the roof to let out smoke from a fire. Women had to weave, spin thread and do other chores around the house. Men had parties and did not do any chores. Most cities had palaces and tall buildings.


This was my presentation on Ancient Greece. I learned that in cities in Ancient Greece there are tall buildings and palaces. I also learned that there are holes in the roof instead of chimneys.I also learned that Ancient Greece began in 1900 to 1600 BC. There is a lot of stuff to learn about Ancient Greece.


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