Frankenstein and Responsibility

By: Gus Bondi


I chose responsibility because I felt that this is the most important life lesson to talk about. Everyday people have responsibilities that they have to take care of whether big or small they all have to take care of whatever it is they are responsible for. If people don't take care of their responsibilities then for sure they will pay the consequences eventually.

Responsiblity connection to the text and quotes

1. "I then reflected, and the thought made me shiver that the creature whom I had left in my apartment might still be there , alive and walking about." pg 59 chapter 5

This quote relates to responsibility because it is easily seen how irresponsible Victor has been. He created a monster who is dazed, confused and doesn't have a clue what's going on around him. And instead of taking responsibility for his creation and teaching the monster what is right from wrong he just left it for death and to fend for itself. This is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen because even though Victor thinks he's in the clear now he won't be for long. the monster and his creation will come back to haunt him eventually.

2. Great God! What a scene has just taken place! I am yet dizzy with the remembrance of it. I hardly know whether I shall have the power to detail it; yet the tale I have recorded would be incomplete without this final and wonderful catastrophe." pg 194 chapter 24

Quote 2 relates to responsibility because If Victor would have taken care of the monster in the first place then he would never have had to worry about the monster attacking him or his family. Instead he is always walking around with eyes in the back of his head in fear that the monster one day will attack him and his loved ones. Victor is describing how horrible the scene was after the monster started attacking his family. He is saying that it is wonderful that he was able to bring something to life but horrible at the same time because he is now paying for the consequences of his actions.

3. "I had been calm during the day, but so soon as night obscured the shapes of objects, a thousand fears arose in my mind. " pg 172 chapter 23

Quote 3 relates to responsibility because once again if Victor would have taken care of the monster he created then he wouldn't be so worried about his safety or Elizabeth's safety. Victor is constantly paranoid and the monster is constantly in his mind. He is never at peace and it is starting to show.

4. "I do refuse it," I replied; "and no torture shall ever extort a consent from me."

Quote 4 relates to responsibility because the monster wants Victor to create him a mate. Victor refuses to do so, he says that he would never bring another creature into the world like the one he already created. It would be extremely irresponsible for Victor to create another monster because he would then have to worry about them possible even reproducing. Which would cause even more havoc for him. Victor is starting to become a little more responsible in this scene because he is not going to give in to the monster and his demands.

5. "Listen to me Frankenstein . You accuse me of murder, and yet you would, with a satisfied conscience destroy your own creature." pg 82 Chapter 10

This quote refers to responsibility very well. What the monster is saying to Frankenstein is that it is his fault for the monsters actions. It was his job to teach him right from wrong. He just left him for dead and expected nothing to happen. The monster wasn't taught how to control himself or his actions therefore Victor is paying for it through deaths of his friends and family. Ultimately if Frankenstein would not have abandoned him then he wouldn't be dealing with this right now.

6. " William is dead! That sweet child , whose smiles delighted and warmed my heart, who was so gentle , yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!" pg 55 Chapter 7

This quote is from a letter from Victor's father to him. It explains what is going on and tells Victor that his brother has been murdered. Victor immediately knows what has happened. He knows that the monster is responsible and its only a matter of time before the monster comes after him. It is Victor's fault for the murder of his brother. If he would have taken responsibility for his actions and taken care of the monster he created then none of this would have happened. Instead he didn't and he is now paying the consequences.

Modern connections

Being responsible plays into each and everyone of our lives everyday. It could be something simple like letting the dog out in the morning or getting your homework in on time etc. There can also be big responsibilities like an airline pilot making sure he gets his plane and passengers to their destination on time. Everyday people worldwide have certain things they have to do and they are responsible for. The book Frankenstein is an excellent example of what being responsible is about and what the consequences are if you aren't. It is easy to see and figure out while reading the story how being responsible is a big thing and the consequences for not being responsible can be very severe. One modern connection to responsibility today is how many kids actually do their homework. It is said that older kids have a higher percentage of completing than homework than their younger counterparts. On average High school students do about an hour and a half of homework a night whereas the younger students do much less, only about 30 minutes or less a night. In a 2007 study statistics showed that 45 percent of students ranging from grade 3 to 12 did on average an hour of homework a night. Homework directly relates to responsibility because it shows how many kids are being responsible and actually getting their work done.

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