Debate Auditions

Monday, Oct. 14th 2013 at 1:30pm

LYSS, One of the ITR to be determined

Profile of a Debater

You can be a debater if you are keen to express your opinion, if you have an analytical mind (or willing to develop one) and you are better dueling with words and wits than with fists and feet.

Commitment Level

The Secondary Schools Debate Championships last from Feb to May.

Training sessions will be twice a week during tournament period, and once a week and episodically before tournament.

Signing up

To sign up for Auditions, please fill in this form.

For any questions, contact teachers-in-charge: Ms Nadiah Song (, Mr Lance Tan (, or Ms Ang Si Min (

P.S. You can still fill in the form if you cannot make it for 14th Oct. Depending on numbers, we will arrange auditions for you on another day.


1330-1400: Briefing

1400-1500: Interviews Part I

1500-1600: Demonstration Debate

1600 onwards: Interviews Part II

Interview Questions are Top Secret. Clearance level: 007 and above. ;)

LYSS Debate Team

The Debate Team is made of 5 debaters - 3 main Speakers and 2 Reserves. The debaters are accompanied by a support team of Researchers, who are just as important. Researchers research topics to prepare arguments for the Speakers during the rounds of championships when the motion is released a week ahead.

The key debate tournament is the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships.