Careers in Finance

What can I do with a degree in Finance?

What is Finance?

Finance is the study of managerial finance, banking, financial services, business law and real estate. Students develop applied and theoretical knowledge as the basis for successful financial management of both large and small organizations and in providing financial services to both individuals and financial institutions.

Concentrations in Finance at ECU

  • Financial Services Concentration
  • Managerial Finance Concentration
  • Risk Management and Insurance Concentration
  • General Business Concentration

Do Your Research

Talk to Professionals in the Field

List of Careers in Finance

UNCW has compiled an exhaustive list of careers available to finance students:

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Skills Needed in a Finance Field

  • Teamwork - Establishing a rapport with co-workers is important for success in finance because you’ll be working on projects that require the people with a different skills and strengths.
  • Ability to communicate - Effective communication skills are essential in the financial sector as you’ll be working with both finance professionals and people with limited financial knowledge.
  • Employability - Evaluate your skills and experience and match these to employers and roles to ensure that the job is right for you.
  • Can-do attitude - Not all projects in the workplace are exciting, even if they are necessary in order to learn the business or simply get things done, so enthusiasm is a great asset.
  • Motivation and drive- Research the firm you’re applying to, and have a grasp of facts and figures and even insights from people working there. You’ll also need a genuine interest in finance, so familiarize yourself with business and markets news.
  • Problem solving- Problems in the financial world can be complex so be prepared to think creatively.
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