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Bacteria Learning Adventure: (

Welcome to the Bacteria Learning Adventure!

Thank you for your interest and participation in this learning adventure! In this activity, students will go through a step-by-step journey in learning about bacteria. By the end of this adventure, students will be able to answer the following essential questions:

  • What are bacteria?
  • Are all bacteria harmful? How can proper hygiene be used to stay healthy and prevent one from getting sick from harmful bacteria?
  • What are some benefits of bacteria? How have bacteria impacted our food industry?

Online Activities and Knowledge Checkpoints

The goal of this website is to incorporate and emphasize the collaboration between technology and education. The adventure includes two online activities featuring knowledge-based games from and Students will read about bacteria and learn how to use a microscope. They will watch helpful YouTube videos that will help them in completing knowledge checkpoints and quizzes.

At-Home Activities

Students will apply what they have learned to real-life settings through two hands-on and at-home activities. Students will get a chance to grow their own bacteria and deepen their understanding that bacteria are found all around us! Afterwards, students will be able to make their own yogurt and recognize that bacteria can benefit and not just harm humans. In addition, students will incorporate technological medias and create a Slowmation video in conjuncture with their hands-on activities. The materials and methods are listed on the website.

**Activities require guidance due to the use of boiling water.

Learning Objectives According to the Georgia Performance Standard

  • S5L3: Students will use magnifiers such as microscopes or hand lenses to observe cells and their structure
  • S5L3: Students will explain how cells in multi-celled organisms are similar and different in structure and function to single-celled organisms
  • S5L4: Students will relate how microorganisms benefit or harm larger organisms.
  • S5L4: Students will identify beneficial microorganisms and explain why they are beneficial.
  • S5L4: Students will identify harmful microorganisms and explain why they are harmful.

Recommended Readings

The following are some recommended readings to support the knowledge and content of this Learning Adventure:

  • The Surprising World of Bacteria with Max Axiom by Agnieszka Biskup
  • Meet Bacteria! by Rebecca Bielawsk
  • The Magic School Bus in a Pickle by Nancy Krulik and Joanna Cole

Bacteria Learning Adventure

Nhi Vu is an undergraduate from the University of Georgia. She has a B.S. degree in Microbiology and is currently pursuing her medical degree.