Gator House Update 2

Gator House Details and Weather Plan

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Sponsored by

Gretchen Pettis, Duane Humphries and Warehouse No. 1

Our Gator House Spots

Warehouse No. 1 Front Parking Lot

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Center for Children and Families Office Building

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We would like to give a BIG THANKS to...

Jodi Lyle, Cindy Murray, Nicole Cabello and The Center for Children and Families for allowing us to use their parking lot to expand our viewing area for the parade.

The Center for Children and Families

513 Walnut

*Right next to our spot at the Warehouse.

The Perks


Each medallion includes food, dessert, tea and water.

Menu- Catered by Warehouse No. 1:

*Crispy Chicken Bites

*Fried Catfish Strips

*French Fries

*Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

*Hot Dogs


*Gambino's King Cakes

*Newk's Tea



We will provide:

  • Bathrooms
  • Tables and chairs
  • Roped off private area


Complimentary Parking

The complimentary parking it limited. This parking will be available towards the back of Warehouse No. 1. This parking is first come, first serve!

Paid Parking

The parking that was purchased is located on the vacant lot beside Warehouse No. 1 restaurant. This lot has a For Sale sign on it.

*If you purchased a parking pass, it was included in your Gator House package.

*You must have the parking pass to park.

Parking will open at 4:15 pm

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Weather Plan

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The Parade MUST Go On!

Deidra Adair attended the Krewe of Janus meeting on Wednesday night. At the meeting they stated that the only weather types that would keep the parade from rolling is ice and lightening.

Rain is predicted for the night of the parade. Joe Holyfield has graciously donated one of his large white tents to partially cover our spot at the Warehouse.

If the rain is constant and heavy we will be unable to have jumpers due to safety reasons. We will also have to move the food inside Warehouse No. 1.

*We will keep you updated on any major changes due to weather.

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