"The Mediator"

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Percieving

is what INFP stands for.
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INFPs are idealists, and always look for the good in people and situations. They are led by morals and ideals, instead of logic. They are great at communicating, writing and acting; they are also very creative. INFPs are known to listen to many, but talk to few. They observe all that is around them, and take interest in improving a few things at once. They are often in deep thought.
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Strengths that Fit Me:

One great thing about INFPs is their optimism; I am definitely a glass-half-full person. They are also very creative; I am a pretty good writer so I agree with this. INFPs are said to be passionate, and for me this is very true when it comes to music. I play many different instruments and enjoy listening to different genres of music. Also, this personality type is described as hard-working and dedicated. I think I am hard-working in class because I have high expectations for myself and want to live up to my own standards. I am dedicated to my hobbies which are mostly music-related, but I also love teaching others about the bible.
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Weaknesses that Fit Me:

INFPs are many times altruistic, and I agree that I am because I push myself to fulfill what I want to. I also can be difficult to get to know, which is a quality of INFPs, because we are reserved and sometimes self-conscious. I find it hard to let people get to know me sometimes, even though I don't mean to be so private. Many INFPs take things personally, and will put much energy into fitting into a middle ground that satisfies everyone. I definitely think this describes me, though I am trying to not worry about what others think so much.
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They Got This Wrong:

While I do think I very well fit into the INFP personality type, there are a few qualities these types of people are said to have that I do not have. First, we are known for valuing harmony and having no interest in dominating over others. However, I am very competitive sometimes, and like being a leader as long as it is over people I know fairly well. I do not think I am that open-minded, either. INFPs are said to dislike being constricted by rules, but I find that I do better when the rules are lined out for me and I know exactly what I am to do; it makes me feel more sure that I am doing the right thing. I don't agree that I am overly idealistic or impractical, because I generally don't get lost in my imagination too much and I am a realist. Lastly, many INFPs dislike dealing with data and would rather focus on the big picture, but to me data and detail is interesting.
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In Conclusion...

It is said that few personality types are as poetic and kind-hearted as INFPs. They are always self-improving and looking for ways to improve things around them. Their creativity is invaluable, and there are many more traits of them not mentioned. I think I definitely am an INFP personality type!