Find out about the newest technologies!

The PS4

The PS4 is the newest console released by Sony. It is rival of the XBOX1 and has touched the heart of the Sony fans. A couple of examples of the games it already has accepted:

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2


Grand Theft Auto 5


The XBOX is the sequel to Microsoft's XBOX 360. Like the Ps4 it has got up in fame; even though it was released later it is still well none and bought. Here are a few games that have been released recently:


Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

FarCry Primals

iPhone 6s

The 6s is the newest iPhone, iPhone 6 and Apple product. Despite everyone having the 6 and 6+ it was bought to replace these even if they were new. There's a lot to know about the phone even too much. The two most important things to know about it are:

1.Live Photo: If you take a picture go in your photo gallery and press for about five seconds the photo you've taken it will show like a video what has happened after it.

2. It's also got poor battery capacity.

iPad Pro

This is the equivalent of the iPhone 6s but for the iPads. Like the 6s it is the newest of it's type but unlike it it isn't the third one to have the name Pro but the first one to have it. Even though it has been released before the iPhone 6s it has exactly the same things and options like it's iPhone ego' so it would be useless to list them now.