How I grew as a student this semester

How TRF helped me

One way AVID helped me was the TRF this helped me because if I had a bad grade in a class because I have an important question or I missed a question in a class. It also helps me better understand questions I got wrong. So then the next time I take a test I have smaller chance of getting the question wrong.

Cornell notes

Cornell notes helped me in AVID because it helped me study easier then normally notes because it is more organized then normally notes. The main reason why is because on one side you have your notes with is on the right. On the right you have questions that you make up or that you think will be on a test, but it has relate with notes you take. The finally thing about Cornell notes is the summary this is just small wrap up of your notes.

Organization helps

Organization is one of the key things in AVID the reason is that if your binder is not very organized you can lose some of your paper or important documents. Also it reflects off your grades in AVID.

Public speaking

Public speaking is one of the key rolls in AVID because it first can take the fear from talking in front of group of people. Also it can let your voice be heard, the last thing is that in on a daily basis you take to some one at least once a day. And in business when you have a choice to make you will sit with large or small group because your making a choice that could have a big impact on your company


This links with the TRF because after your TRF is done you'll do tutorials with a collage tutor and some of your class mates, this really important in AVID because this answers the important questions you have or answers a any questions you have and show you the process you take to answer the question you have.

Writing skills

Writing skills is something you must know in AVID because this relates to ELA and Reading classes the reason why we do this is when you sign up for a job you have to do paper work and tell them a little about your self, because if you talk a random part of your life the chance of the person accepting you is very low.