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Books About Individuality

In this world there are lots of books about individuality, the book's title should be a name, thats how you can tell if its a book about individuality like Stargirl, its a name and the book is about individuality, its harder to tell books with a longer title like the hunger games, Katniss is the only girl in the hunger games and has the agression that no other female has. Although we all like the hunger games i think she might be too agressive for my likings.

Specific Books About Individualism

And Those Are Just Some Examples

Real Individual People

Real individual people don't seem normal at all, if you see them, its pretty easy to say that he or she is an individual, because they look different to others they act different to others and their mind set is far more different to other non-conformists, individuals also say different stuff and other things, they say being individual is easy, but its not, really it isn't.