Are you prepared?

Information about finals you need to know.

How many hours of sleep do you actually need?

To be fully awake during the day you need as a high school student anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep. This is the optimum amount of sleep needed for complete brain function. Too little sleep and some of the neurons that normally function won't in order to conserve energy for other functions. Those neurons in your brain are the exact connections you need to do well on a final exam.

Tricks to help you focus

One of the hardest thing to do during a written final is focus for some people. If you were to study with music playing this wouldn't be as beneficial because your brain is distracted by the sound it has to decipher. That is why simple items such as chewing gum or some other motor stimulation helps, when your brain is actively pursuing a task your brain activity increases which helps you score better.

How to prepare for an exam - Study tips