Adler Hack Labs

Hack Your World: Virtual, Visual, and Sound Environments

Hack (v) - a clever solution to a tricky problem

Have you ever been bored with the things you see every day? Do you think about adding to them, or rearranging them, or using parts of your environments, along with technology, to turn them into something new? If so, then then the Adler Planetarium's free Hack Labs may be for you!

There are a lot of ways people respond to their environments, and you're going to learn how to hack them. From learning how to mix environmental sounds into music to building and create content for Virtual Reality viewers, you'll be able to hack the world. Hack Labs will culminate in student-chosen projects that will allow you to use your hacking skills to change your community for the better.

Students who successfully complete the Hack Labs will also receive a stipend of $400, in two installments. This stipend is intended to cover your transportation and other costs of your participation in this program. You will also be invited to share your work during the Adler's Earthfest event. See below for full program dates and schedules.

This program is open to High School students only. Space in Hack Labs is limited. Apply to participate using this short form by 9:00PM on Monday, February 29th.

Program Dates

Saturday, March 12, 1-4PM

Saturday, March 19, 1-4PM

Saturday, April 2, 1-4PM

Friday, April 8, 1-4PM

Monday, April 18, 1-4PM

Tuesday, April 19, 1-4PM

Wednesday, April 20, 1-4PM

Thursday, April 21, 1-4PM

(Earthfest: April 22 - 24)

Saturday, April 30, 9AM-4PM (All-day Hackathon)

Adler Hack Labs

Saturday, March 12th, 1pm

1300 S Lake Shore Dr

Chicago, IL

For more information, please view the online registration form.