League of Nations

By: Kerrigan Melville

What was the League of Nations?

It was a famous fourteen point speech from "Woodrow Wilson" sent to congress after WWI.

What was the Impact of world relations?

Forty-two founding nations signed this treaty. Instead of war, country's and states could sit down and discuss their problems with each other. Therefore, there would not be many or even any wars.

Who was involved?

*Woodrow Wilson






*And many other groups that were not quite important as the others listed above

What are some interesting facts?

The U.S. first started the League of Nations, but never signed the treaty(of peace). The U.S. wanted to stay isolated and focus on domestic issues.
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Treaty of Versailles

What is it?

It was a treaty of peace between the Allied powers, the Associate powers, and Germany.

What was the impact on world relations?

The Treaty of Versailles set up the League of Nations. Germany had to accept blame for all loss and war damage.

Who was involved?

*European Allied powers

*Germany/German Leaders



What are some interesting facts?

The Treaty of Versailles changed the geography of Europe. The Fourteen points of "Woodrow Wilson" lead to the Treaty of Versailles. Germany had to pay $33 billion to the allies for all of the war damage.

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