Foreign Affairs Specialits

By: Yanira Gallegos

What they do?

They work with civil authorities and civilian populations in areas of operations in order to lessen their impact. A foreign affairs specialists support civil affairs and psychological operations while serving as liaison between the local population and the United States Government.

  • Maintain and operate various voice and data communication devices
  • Assess and determine the capabilities and effectiveness of foreign nations’ government functions systems including governance; public health & welfare; infrastructure; rule of law; economic stability; and public education and information
  • Research finished and current intelligence and open-source information
  • Perform initial analysis of enemy foreign propaganda products and other media
  • Assist in establishment of basic services in order to support in-country rehabilitation

Training and Education Needed

Job training- is provided in some specialties. Training length varies by entry requirements and specialty area. Further training occurs on the job. Course content typically includes:
  • Political and cultural awareness
  • Development of foreign area expertise and language proficiency
  • Organization and functions of diplomatic missions


  • High school Diploma

  • Bachelors Degree

  • Join Any military branch
  • Gain Experience


The Salary ranges in $53,000 .

It mostly depends on what kind of rank you are in the military.