Levi Coffin

All about Levi Coffin freeing slaves

Who was Levi Coffin?

Levi Coffin was born on October 28, 1798 and grew up in Guilford County in North Carolina. Levi Coffin died on September 16,1877. Abolitionists like Levi Coffin freed slaves because he was an enemy of slavery. An abolitionist is a person that thinks slavery is wrong and they want to stop slavery.

How Levi Coffin Managed To Help Free Slaves

How Levi Managed To Help Slaves

Levi Coffin managed to use the underground rail road and made safe houses to help free slaves on the underground rail road. Levi Coffin also helped free slaves by transporting them to the northern parts of the state. He grew up in the norther states and that why he is an abolitionist.

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