The twist to Sheriff Corwin

The Twist to Sheriff Corwin

Izzy Church

I am going to tell you about George Corwin.He’s high sheriff in Essex County.He was a big part of the witch trials.I heard he accused many innocent people for being witches when they weren’t for example Giles Corey.I heard he was a very kind man and the last man that George Corwin had ever let die.

But before we get talking about the future let’s focus on right now.It was recorded to me that he had only blamed them becasue they were very rich and he wanted their things.The only reason that George Corwin is doing the witch trials is because he was assigned to them.I had recived a word saying Corwin is very unkind to people(duhh he’s a theif but, we’ll get to later).From what I’ve seen seen~ I watched him walk into the Jacob’s house and come out with many of their belongings.

George Corwin was married to Susanna Corwin until she died.Then got married a second time~ Lydia Gedney Corwin.Together they had a son named Bartholomew Corwin.Corwin was called many names like~greedy,cruel,nasty,and liar.This was true(from what I’ve heard) there’s one more name he was called and it’s a thief.

I’ve encountered that he will blame anybody to have their things if he thought they were very expensive.4 years after the trials had ended Corwin had died from a heart~attack.8 years after the trials and 4 years after Corwin Lydia had died.Corwin was 30~31 and his wife was 31.After this monstrosity had happened the police had gone over the files.

They found soonly after that, that he had accused many of people for things they didn’t do.I heard that they were furious about what George Corwin had done to those people.Corwin messed

lots of peoples lives up because he made a terrible decision.

But they will just have to deal with it because the trials are over and so is George Corwin.I heard that some officers new Corwin was stealing and Corwin threatened them saying”If you say one word about any of this they won’t be seeing you for a long time”.I forgot one thing~ before Corwin died he wrote an apology letter saying”I hope you can forgive me I have done bad things I am very sorry.Blaming people just because I wanted their things didn’t give me any rights to do what I did.But, I did them anyway and I am so sorry to the people that I’ve hurt”.