Acid and Base Project

By: Jack Rathe, Emerson Clark, Jai Sharma

Acids vs. Bases

1-6: Acids

7: Neutral (water)

8-12: Bases

Acids: They are substances that break off an aqueous solution to produce hydrogen ions.

Bases: They are substances that produce hydroxide ions in a solution.

Neutral Solution: This solution is neutral if the hydrogen ion concentration is equal to its hydroxyl ion concentration.

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Procedure-Explanation/Documentation of Experimental Methods

Problem: We need to find out the pH level of 12 different liquids.

Hypothesis: If we test each liquid with a pH strip, then we will find of the pH level of each liquid that we are testing.


  1. Read through all project guidelines

  2. Find out which ones are bases and acids

  3. Obtain each type of liquid

  4. Obtain Ph strips

  5. Test each strip in each type of liquid

  6. When putting each strip in the liquid

  7. Take picture of Ph strip

  8. Record on data table all Ph levels

  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for each substance

Materials: pH strips, 12 different liquids, tongs to hold them, camera to take picture, pen, piece of paper for the background

Variables: IV: Different types of liquids DV: The pH level of each liquid Controlled Variables: The length and size of each pH level

Battery Acid

pH Level 1
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Lemon Juice

pH Level 2
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pH Level 3
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Orange Juice

pH Level 4
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Maple Syrup

pH Level 5
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pH Level 6
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pH Level 7
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Sea Water

pH Level 8
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Baking Soda

pH Level 9
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Hand Soap

pH Level 10
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pH Level 11
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pH Level 12
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